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berzonThe Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award will be granted to an LGBTQ writer who has shown exceptional talent and the potential for continued literary success and significance in the future. This award includes a cash prize of $1,500.

Nominees for The Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award must meet the following criteria:
--The nominee must have published at least one but no more than two books, written in the discipline of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Works must be in the English language.
--The nominee must identify as a member of the LGBTQ community.
--The nominee must have shown exceptional talent in works written and published during the beginning of their writing career, and the potential for continued literary success and significance.

Submission Process
--Writers may nominate themselves. Other people may nominate someone, but anyone submitting a nomination is responsible for assembling and submitting the full application.
--No one can submit more than 3 nominations.
--The deadline for submissions is December 5, 2017. All submission material must be submitted at the same time, and by the deadline. Incomplete submissions will be rejected, and late submissions will not be eligible.
--Submissions must include these four elements:
1. Submission Form: Click here to download PDF version of form / Click here for Word document
2. Nomination Letter: A nomination letter of no more than 500 hundred words must include a brief biography of the nominee and a rationale for the nomination. This letter may also include a summary of significant involvement with the LGBTQ community beyond writing, if germane.
3. Credits: A complete list of the nominee’s publishing credits, including dates and publishers, must accompany the submission. Besides the nominee’s 1-2 books, credits may include the publication of short stories, essays, dramatic works, appearances in anthologies, etc.
4. Letters of Recommendation: Three (3) letters of recommendation of no more than 250 words each from people involved in publishing (writers, editors, publishers, etc.) must accompany the submission. It is helpful but not mandatory that recommendations come from people with experience in LGBTQ writing and publishing.

The Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award is intended to honor a writer and that writer’s anticipated future literary success and significance, Thus, the focus of the submission should be on the nominee, rather than the nominee’s individual work(s).
There is no submission fee for this award.
Questions: Send email to Rob Byrnes, using “Berzon Award” as the subject line.